Christmas and pregnancy

Time goes by inexorably taking us straight one of the most special times of the year, Christmas time. One of those lovely dates to spend with family and friends. Although many times they can be moved between trips and busy lunches, dinners and stays. From the babyshowerdetail web we will offer you some practical tips to enjoy these holidays if you are pregnant.

It will all depend on the time of the pregnancy when we are, as it is not the same to be 3 months or 8 months pregnant, but still it is advisable to take it in a calm and relaxed way. This also depends in part on the character of each one, but it is worth being more calm these 9 months.

Walk is always a good idea

With good weather it is always advisable to walk in quiet places, to be in the nature and as long as the cold is not severe we can walk with relative confort.

Places with many people widely saturated it is better to avoid them, as they can be stressful and oppressive as agglomerations, and may even cause some fall. At Christmas everything is set up for these dates and very cool and welcoming markets are set up, we can take the opportunity to take a walk and immerse ourselves in the Christmas spirit, as long as they are not with many people as we have commented.

Reduce meetings

It is normal that on these dates you goes out with friends because it is also a holiday period that usually takes time to be with friends and family. It is time to share good times, stories, memories and reunions in a place that gives us warmth. These are good moments, magical and endearing, that only usually occur at this time of year.

As we have commented, everything depends on the time of pregnancy, if it’s not much we can stay in bars, hotels or houses of other relatives, but if the pregnancy is advanced the best will be at home and with tranquility. Here we will be able to attend most of the appointments and reunions and they will surely understand you and make that effort.

We have to understand that our main priority at the moment is to take great care of ourselves and, above all, the well-being of the baby. In this way we will be calm in our home, avoiding noises and stress that can cause us displacements.

Delegated or online purchases

Christmas is one of those periods par excellence where many purchases are made. Toys, clothes and large amounts of food along with gifts often make up a great list of details that can end our longed-for relaxation and cause us extra stress.

But we should not worry we because  we can always choose the hours of least influx of people to the markets or delegate purchases to the couple, a relative or friend. If we want to make the purchases ourselves to choose the products and avoid agglomerations we can always opt for online purchases.

As we mention buying online is a fast, safe and with an endless catalog of items of everything we want. We must always make purchases on trusted sites, which offer all the data and provide SSL on your website, (the lock that appears next to the 3 w in the url.) Besides all these advantages we will not have to take the orders, as they deliver it to us at home quickly and cheaply.

So if you are reading this article it is possible that in a short period of time you will need an original baby gift or a personalized detail for birth or babies. It can be any embroidered or stamped product with baby’s name or with Christmas motifs or something more sophisticated, containing accessories and basic elements such as a practical baby hamper or customize your nappies cake with BIO products. Without forgetting that we always offer the best price with discounts just for registering you.

Reducing the stress of preparations

As usual and we have commented on these dates what the tradition commands is to meet with family and friends around large lunches and dinners, in a sophisticated and decorated way that usually take a lot of work and preparation. We can delegate these tasks to other people and avoid more work and stress. Anyway if we do not want to compromise others or if we do not have more time, we can always opt for an option that is very fashionable, the catering. They are quality meals at good prices that take you at home for the desired Christmas meal or dinner.

Planning meetings and parties

The ideal would be to have a control and planning on the agenda, so we can avoid staying up late at meetings or dinners and so get back to not so many nights. As we have commented rest is very important for our health and especially that of the baby.

Strict Diet?

Meals and dinners at Christmas are usually full of sweets and excesses of all kinds, nougats, typical sweets, meats, fish and seafood are everywhere. We have to keep in mind what is good for us and wich food should be avoid during pregnancy such as raw food and ham. It is also important not to skip too much of the diet for weight control and not to overdo it. So in summary we can indulge ourselves but with moderation.

Much quality rest

To conclude, but no less important, it is essential to have control of rest hours and always of quality, without stress. With this we will be able to maintain the energy levels to keep them well, and radiant. This way it won’t be easier to keep up with our daily work and routines and enjoy these holidays to the fullest within our possibilities and in a happy way! So enjoy a lot of these upcoming holidays but in moderation!

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