Music, a great stimulant for babies

In the Babyshowerdetail blog we like to deal with issues that interest you in relation to the health, well-being and development of the baby.

In this case, we will treat early musical stimulation, which has many benefits for the rest and development of the baby.

As we all know, the influence of music goes back to our origins as a culture. In ancient cultures such as the Greek and China it has been many centuries since the benefits of music were recognized in society.

Recent studies by experts show that since we are babies we are already able to feel the rhythm of the music. It is a very beneficial type of stimulation that improves cognitive abilities if applied the right way since childhood.

The reason for this is that babies have great learning potential, so if we exercise it the right way we will help them develop all their possibilities and abilities. In children the brain is forming and it is similar to a sponge that absorbs a lot of received stimuli, as their minds are much more active than ours, learning very fast.

Play music, yes, but at what age?

According to experts from 6 months can already use the technique of music, but it is also proving that its benefits can be used already since the baby is in the mother’s womb. Play music, yes, but at what age?

Nowadays the techniques are advancing fast and the nurseries offer this type of stimuli, thus a very complete preschool education is obtained, since the auditory development is stimulated as well. These experiences are usually offered from the age of 6 months, since, as the saying goes, music tame beasts.

Nursery teachers are people trained in pedagogy and use techniques together with piscology for correct learning. Together with the stimulation of different types and above all musical, learning is improved from the sensory side, coordination, speech and even psychomotricity.

These stimuli also have an impact on good development in the ear sense of the baby. For this purpose it is recommended that these sounds be variable in intensity, height, timbre, duration and rhythm. With all this we will achieve excellent advances in the auditory area in premature ages.

What kind of music and sounds apply?

As we have commented, they should be varied, but ideally music and sounds from a medium register should always be applied, rather soft. This is because soft music and sounds tend to create calm and serene environments where learning is improved. On the other hand loud music and strident sounds tend to alter and frighten and may end up in a tantrum. The best music is classical because it is very soft and brings a lot of variations to the ear.

Babies also relax by listening to the mother’s voice, as it gives them security and relaxation, thus improving the way they capture stimuli. It is highly recommended to listen with them and put these techniques into practice as a family, in this way we improve and strengthen affective ties. Affective bonds improve along with affective, emotional, social development and other cognitive systems.

As we see this tool that is music is very powerful and we will get our babies and children to learn much faster and in a more fun way, nothing better to stimulate their emotional intelligence. The ideal as we have commented since they are in the mother’s womb, but can also be applied from the age of 6 months to improve the learning of speech and languages.

But the music is so good that it will also improve in the sense of rhythm and improve its motor capacity. We remind you that music therapy is also applied in many patients with pictures of psychological and personality problems, reporting important improvements.

Simple tips for compilation

Let’s gather all the information in a few simple and concise tips to make our children good music lovers with all their benefits:
– Babies like to experiment and explore, so it is advisable to leave sound objects such as rattles, musical stuffed animals and musical carousels with adorable flying stuffed animals.
– Listen to not-so-powerful music and combine it with simple dance moves, like clapping, raising your arms or following the mime of dancing.
– As they grow, we can take an interest in their musical tastes to adapt to their tastes, dances and adapt to different musical patterns and follow them.

So you already know if you want your babies’ progress to be faster and improve their potential capabilities, put the music into their life progressively and you will see its benefits as they grow.

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