Ideas for a good Christmas

Christmas has finally arrived! It is natural that children should begin to feel more disturbed. They’re on vacation, and now he’s gonna have a lot of parties, toys, meals, excess. From the blog of we have decided to make a list of the fun things that can be done all these days to have a good time with family or friends.

1.- Going for a walk in the park or enjoying nature at this time is magical, even if it is cold and tends to rain more than usual.

2.- Take a walk around the place and the Christmas market in the area or surroundings. So we catch the spirit of Christmas and surely some shopping falls or are accompanied with some donuts or sweets that are so much desired now.

3.- To make some trip to see family members or escapes to the beach or the snow, what we like best, always goes well to change of air.

4.-. Go to the Christmas theater, at villages and towns you can usualliy see many performances to entertain the little ones and also Christmas shows.

5.- Marathon home movies in case of bad weather. Now there are lots of funny seasonal movies and we can also have some popcorn or a hot chocolate to accompain them.

6.- We can also spend the afternoon making and preparing sweets, Christmas pastries, cakes or biscuits, a sweet and fun way to prepare delicious desserts and snacks.

7.- We can exercise or play games like making soap bubbles, go out on a scooter, with the bike or just take a walk when the weather is right.

8.- We all know pajama day, it can be a fun option to spend a fun day with family if the weather is bad.

9.- We can go for a walk in the village or the city to enjoy street activities, leisure centers and decoration and Christmas lighting. Children love it!

10.- Another option if we have it or if we have any nearby, is to go to the museum. It is a very interesting activity to get children into this world of culture and learn to contemplate in silence the works and what they transmit.

11.-  If you have not yet written the letter to Santa Claus , if you are still on time, It’s always a good time to write it and go throw it in a magic mailbox or give it to a real elf or page that’s safe in a shopping  center. This makes them very excited as they give their wishes in that letter.

12.- Do crafts, decorate the tree, trim and paint elfs figures, Santa Claus, reindeers and make crackers to the Chistma’s meals and then color and decorate it in fun ways.

13.- Go to the cinema to see this film that attracts your attention or excites you. As long as the kids are mature enough to hold a good while sitting and follow the plots of the movies. For these dates they usually do marathons of Christmas and animation films and they are also usually full of cinemas.

14.- Spend the afternoon with Christmas stories. It is one of those plans that can not be missed in any house with children at Christmas. We always read bedtime stories and now, of Christmas theme, are educational and holy hand to sleep.

15.- Not so long ago, Christmas postcards were made, now with mobile phones and internet have disappeared. We were always looking forward to sending them to relatives who were far away and who we would see and comment on later or at Christmas. We can also make them artisanally having a great time.

16.- If we are the ones who left everything to the end, we can always use it to decorate the house a little. Put the tree with its decorations, lights decorations, even street decorations. All this very much likes the kids and they have a great time and are entertained.

17.- For these dates you can not miss the typical songs such as Christmas carols, which we can collect, take from a book, internet or put on CD’s, at school you will also have been reviewing and singing some.

18.- If you like to attend magic shows, puppets, etc, surely in your area or nearby there are recreational activities of this style that fascinate you.

19.- Go ice skating, it is never too late to learn from this fantastic and fun activity that is so fashionable. And now they ride in most cities and villages artificial ice rink, so they can go around. Mind you, at certain times it is almost better not to go because it is crowded and you spend the time dodging people.

20.- Show values such as solidarity is also necessary among our kids and show that there are disadvantaged people or that at some certain time we can all go through hardships. So the best thing is to make a donation of toys or food in solidarity markets such as the collection of food that takes place on these dates.

21.- You can always play with toys brought to you by Santa Claus especially  if they are board games, these are always educational.

Hoping that this Christmas will be magical and you will have a great time, also remember that children are exhausting. So take advantage also to rest and take energy with meals.

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