Ideas for a good Christmas

Christmas has finally arrived! It is natural that children should begin to feel more disturbed. They’re on vacation, and now he’s gonna have a lot of parties, toys, meals, excess. From the blog of we have decided to make a list of the fun things that can be done all these days to have […]

Music, a great stimulant for babies

In the Babyshowerdetail blog we like to deal with issues that interest you in relation to the health, well-being and development of the baby. In this case, we will treat early musical stimulation, which has many benefits for the rest and development of the baby. As we all know, the influence of music goes back […]

Tips for Stimulating Speech in Babies

At we believe that every baby and every child has its own learning rhythm. So we should not worry if at first we do not see significant progress in that direction. Babies always tend to imitate and babble.  Around the first year of life is when they begin to say a few words or […]

Christmas and pregnancy

Time goes by inexorably taking us straight one of the most special times of the year, Christmas time. One of those lovely dates to spend with family and friends. Although many times they can be moved between trips and busy lunches, dinners and stays. From the babyshowerdetail web we will offer you some practical tips to enjoy these […]