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Unisex nappies cakes

The arrival of a newborn is always a reason for celebration. The joy of the parents is passed on to all the family and friends. Offering a beautiful gift filled with tenderness is a way to share this joy. A unisex nappies cake is an elegant, original gift that never goes out of style and with which you will be aiming just because it is true for all genders and all preferences.

Why offer a nappies cake

The arrival of a newborn increases needs. Often, parents can not manage everything for several reasons, this is one of the main reasons that a unisex nappies cake is a popular gift choice.
As in the birth sets, it is also possible to include many elements in nappies cakes that will be very useful for babies, mainly nappies that are a commodity and whose brands are always of quality.
It is possible to order that already prepared or to prepare them according to the specificities, preferences and budgets with a wide choice of basic products for baby. Hygiene products, toiletries, clothes, soft toys and little touches for dad, mom, family and little brother. This is the most common way to celebrate with your family this special moment in their lives.

Unisex nappies cakes, success assured

You have to make a baby gift and you do not know what to give? If you want to aim for just this special moment, we have prepared and selected for you the best official products to make beautiful nappies cakes. They are always elaborated with the best basic products, essential to the care of the baby during its first days.
In this section we offer a large selection of selected nappies cakes for girls and boys, to facilitate purchase. This will make it easier for you to adapt to your needs, because you only have to choose the desired gift per price, which is displayed by default from the highest to the lowest.
To do this, here is our wide variety of nappies cakes, unisex birth gifts that will delight parents and babies by receiving them. They are also special and personalized gifts with products that benefit from official licenses.

Nappies Cakes, create your custom nappies cake

Our elegants nappies cakes are both original and functional and thus represents an essential and surprising gift for parents in such a special and unique moment as the birth of a newborn baby.
These elegant gifts are delicately and handcrafted at the reception of the order and are hand-prepared with great love and personalized with the baby’s name wrapped in cellophane paper, with a message on a card hung on the knots.
Our gifts are elaborated with the best brands of the market and can be chosen according to several criteria: budget, size, sex, twins, theme of a movie or football and prefererences of the buyer.
We hope you enjoy the nappies cakes, however if no nappies cake suits you, just select the products you want according to your preferences and your budget and we will arrange to prepare or you can contact us for that we create it according to your criteria. We will send you a quote and the final pictures of the finished product to receive your approval for the shipment.